Monopoly Sets up Holiday Hotline to Avoid Family Feuds

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This is one holiday fight you can cross off your list.

The eternally stressful game of Monopoly just got a whole lot less stressful. Makers of the game are opening a holiday hotline to help settle disputes over the rules of the complicated board game.

Which is great because how many fights have we gotten into over Boardwalk? Too many to count.

According to Scary Mommya survey of 2,000 adults found that 51 percent of Monopoly matches end in a fight — so now it's Hasbro to the rescue. The company will have the hotline open starting Christmas Eve, wrapping up on the 26th. 

Hasbro said they expect to receive a "flood" of calls around 6 p.m. on Christmas Day, which is apparently high Monopoly-playing time for families. Those who call in will receive an "unbiased, trained expert" who will be able to settle any dispute about the rules of the game.

"Monopoly is one of the best-loved board games of all time, because it's a way for families to spend some quality time together. However, our research found that Monopoly games can regularly end in chaos, with some friends and family members stopping at nothing to win," said Craig Wilkins, marketing director of Hasbro UK and Ireland.

"We'll have experts on hand with the official rulebooks to instantly settle any disputes, and advise on how to resolve common complaints, with each person also having the opportunity to make a donation to Childline when they call," Wilkins added.


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