Some Hatchimals Didn't Hatch and Parents Aren't Happy

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(Photo: Twitter / @scj)

Each year, there's one toy that kids just can't get enough of, and this year, it's Hatchimals. The plush playmates come hidden inside an egg that children help to hatch, and parents have been hunting down the furry creatures for weeks so their children could spend their Christmas Day playing with the crazy-popular toy.

Unfortunately for some children, however, some Hatchimals apparently didn't do their job, failing to hatch despite being played with, CNN reports. Spin Master, the company behind Hatchimals, has received a flood of complaints from unhappy parents claiming their children's toys did not hatch or stopped working just hours after being freed from their eggs. 

"Unfortunately, with toys that incorporate a high level of technology, there are also some cases where the product may not perform as well as expected," said a spokesperson for Spin Master, Hatchimals' parent company. "We are committed to doing everything possible to resolve these issues."

Spin Master's Facebook page now features a post teaching parents how to hatch the toys, and the company also has a Tips and Tricks page and an informational video on its website.


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