Dad Builds 300-Foot Luge in Backyard for His 15 Children

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(Photo: Thomas Williams)

Thomas Williams is a committed father who likes having fun just as much as his 15 kids do.

The Utah father took it upon himself to build a luge run for the past 15 years for his kids. This year's run includes an 18-foot castle and a huge drop with corners and tons of snow from all the neighbor’s yards.

“It’s the biggest one ever — I don’t know how we’ll beat it next year,” he told PEOPLE of the 300-foot ride. “Every year, I tell my kids, ‘We’re never doing this again,’ but somehow, here we are again. It gets a little old, hauling all that snow, but wow — what a wicked ride.'”

Williams said this year’s project took two weeks after a huge storm on Christmas hit the city and brought in enough snow.

“We love spending time making the luge with our dad each year — it was scary fast this year,” 15-year-old Daniel said calling the luge “epic!” He says this tradition started off when they lived in a home that didn’t have a slope, but like any good dad he wanted to make his kids happy and made one. He says “it became a tradition and before I knew it, we had ourselves a pretty wild luge.”

The ride takes about 30 seconds from start to finish and Williams says he has big plans for next year’s luge already.

“Hop off and hop on again, then ride until it melts,” he says of his creation. “What could be better than that?"


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