9-Year-Old With Brain Cancer Dreams of Traveling the World

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A little girl’s dreams have come true to “see the world” after being diagnosed with terminal brain cancer. "She has talked about a lot of different vacation spots," her mom, Stacie Brill, told ABC news.

"She said, 'We can go anywhere, even Hawaii!' She's so undecided because she doesn't know what she wants to do. We are just trying to do little things to keep her happy and put a smile on her face from here on out."

Little Ciara began having headaches and developed a lazy eye just one day after Christmas before her mom rushed her to the hospital. On December 29th, Ciara was diagnosed with an aggressive tumor known as diffuse intrinsic pontine glioma.

"The doctor was very blunt about it ... came out and said terminal upon diagnosis," Ciara’s dad Harold Brill said. "It was completely unbelievable. Still, two-and-a-half weeks later we can't comprehend it. Being told you don't have a lot of time left with your daughter, a lot of thoughts race through your head. The baby in our family. It's unimaginable."

Ciara began her treatment at Brigham and Women’s Hospital on January 25th with radiation five times a week for six weeks.

In the mean time, her aunt launched a GoFundMe account to help pay for medical expenses, and the little girls dreams to travel.

The family booked a trip to the Great Wolf Lodge, an indoor water park as well as a trip to Boston.

The family hopes to travel to New York after Ciara’s treatment.

"We are keeping it fairly local for the next six weeks due to radiation therapy," Harold said. "After that ... off to see the world, whatever she wants to go and see and do."

"She's still smiling and happy, [but] she gets nervous, so we try and explain it as best as possible," Stacie Brill said. "We try and keep smiles on our faces so she's not scared scared, but it's hard."

You can also send Ciara get well cards at:

Ciara Brill (Harold Brill)
P.O. Box 571
Portsmouth, NH 03802


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