This Hotel With 50,000 Books Is a Literary Dream

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If you're someone who loves to spend your vacation reading, this place is the perfect spot for you.

The Literary Man hotel in Óbidos, Portugal is home to about 50,000 books and counting, a manager told The Huffington Post. Some titles are available for readers to buy and others are reserved for reading only in the hotel's massive lounge.

The Literary Man is situated just outside the historic center of Óbidos, a charming medieval town that's begun to embrace books all around, with the addition of new bookshops and even a literary festival.

Guests at the hotel can enjoy their titles at the in-house gin bar, in the cellar during a massage or in a variety of cozy hotel rooms. A stay here won't break the bank either — prices start at about $90 a night.

Not that we'll be doing much sleeping, of course. We have no doubt we'd be up late with our noses burrowed in between the pages of our favorite stories if we stayed here.

We'll just be booking our passports right about now...


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