Oreo Beer Exists, and We Want to Try It

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We've heard of plenty of creative variations on the beloved Oreo, but Oreo beer might be the most out-there offering yet.

According to Delish, The Veil Brewing Company in Richmond, Virginia, has created just that, and people are seriously loving it. The company's Instagram shares that the beer is the company's 7% Hornswoggler chocolate milk stout with "hundreds of pounds of Oreo cookies," and advises customers that the drink is best enjoyed cold and as fresh as possible.

As far as taste, customers seem pretty pleased.

"An hour wait for these, but it's mad worth it," wrote Instagram user @beer_rawn. User @dominicbascone called the stuff, "nuts in the best possible way."

Although four-packs of the beer sold out within a day, you can still try the sweet concoction at the company's taproom in Richmond if you get there fast enough.


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