IKEA Just Changed the Way Couples Do Wedding Registries Forever

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(Photo: Twitter / @IKEA_longisland)

Along with those wedding bells, newlywed couples can now be the proud owners of all the furniture and home goods any heart could desire, thanks to IKEA. 

After what seems like forever, the store is finally getting in on that registry life, according to PEOPLE.

IKEA announced Monday that they are throwing their hat into the registry ring by offering a new online feature that allows people to create product wishlists for weddings, birthdays, showers and more. 

Considering the overwhelming popularity of the store and their goods and how many of those newlywed, new mama, and newly-minted-adult dollars likely go to the megastore anyway, this feature is a breath of fresh air for many. 

There is one little catch, though. To use the feature people have to be signed up for the IKEA Family loyalty program which offers discounts and other benefits. Luckily, it's free to sign up for the loyalty program - and who doesn't like discounts? 

In addition to the registry-creating feature, the furniture giant will also be providing gift guides that highlight popular options for each occasion. 

And for those shopping, IKEA is upping the registry game by offering multiple ways to contribute. Invitees can purchase items in store or online, donate a certain dollar amount toward items over $50 or "virtually" purchase a gift, which puts the amount of a desired item on a gift card - a perfect workaround for items that can't be purchased online. 

It may have taken IKEA awhile to hop on the gravy train that is shower and wedding registries, but we have to say, they are truly taking it to the next level. 


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