Alcoholic Cold Brew Coffee in a Can Is Now a Thing

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Say goodbye to your average cold brew coffee.

Because wine-infused coffee and whiskey barrel-aged coffee aren't enough, a hard cold brew is coming out soon — and it might just be the best one because it actually contains alcohol, rather than just being infused with it.

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According to CosmopolitanBad Larry's Cold Hard Coffee is one that's steeped for more than 16 hours and is infused with malt liquor. A pack of four will cost around ten bucks and will be available starting in the Midwest. The plan is for it to hit nationwide within the year.

An 11.5-ounce can of the hard coffee contains 6 percent alcohol and 180 milligrams of caffeine, compared to a 12-ounce tall Starbucks cold brew that has 140 milligrams of caffeine and natch, no alcohol.

Would you give the drink a try?


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