Man Proposes Under the Northern Lights and the Images Are Spectacular

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Let’s be real — when two photographers get engaged, you know they’re going to go all out with their images and set a precedent for engagement photos.

Dale Sharpe’s proposal to longtime girlfriend of seven years, Karlie Russell, 29, was certainly a long time coming and thankfully, the images are gorgeous because they were snapped under the Northern Lights in the Lofoten Islands of Norway — also known as the Aurora borealis.

“It was the most amazing display of color in the Aurora that we’ve ever seen,” Sharpe told Daily Mail Australia.

Though the two landscape photographers have seen the Northern Lights more than 30 times together, the 34-year-old felt like now was the right time with its symbolic significance.

“We both love chasing the Northern Lights and photographing them together,” he said. “So it seemed pretty fitting.”

Setting his gear up under the pretense of snapping a selfie with his love, Sharpe got on one knee and popped both the shutter and question.

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“I hadn’t heard or seen anyone do it before, and I wanted to do something different from everybody else,” he said. “I wanted to take full opportunity and make it happen at its absolute best. The moment was right, it felt good, so why not.”

It took him two trips to the Arctic Circle to get it “right” as Sharpe’s plans were foiled nine months earlier when he discovered that a moisturizer bottle he placed her $4,000 engagement ring in was tossed out due to Russell’s luggage being overweight. Yikes! Luckily this time, he hid it in his medical kit, which was readily available — and a necessity to travel with.

As for the bride, of course she said yes despite not expecting it, laughing, “I kept talking over him, saying what are you doing, what are you doing.” 

The single image taking during the proposal has since gone viral with users and fans feeling awe-inspire. Sharpe wrote in a Facebook post that they may not have any of their own images hanging up on their walls at home, but this one will be the exception.

“It’s been huge, this response, but we never expected it,’ he said. “We just shot this photo for ourselves.”

The couple are now hoping to continue traveling and although their incredible engagement backdrop, plan on having a simple wedding. 


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