Wildfire Forces Hundreds out of Their Homes, Is Only 50 Percent Contained

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No one wants to spend their weekend packing up and heading out of their home after a mandatory evacuation, but that was the reality for hundreds of people near Boulder, Colorado on Sunday. 

The fire, just west of the downtown area, burned through 63 acres of land thus far, according to ABC News

The Boulder Office of Emergency Management said Sunday that 426 homes were required to evacuate on Sunday while 836 additional homes were placed on a pre-evacuation list for fear that erratic winds could cause the blaze to spread further.

Boulder County Sheriff Cmdr. Mike Wagner is speculating the fire to be manmade. 

"At this point, we’ve been able to rule out things like lightning strikes or weather related, downed power lines, things like that. That causes us to speculate that it’s human caused, manmade," Wagner said during a press briefing on Sunday. "In the general area where that fire was reported to us by Sunshine Canyon and Timber Lane is a very social trail network. A lot of people are in and out of there."

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Wagner shared in a video posted on Facebook that the firefighters would continue to monitor and attack hot spots overnight due to volatile conditions. 

"The plan is to keep the mandatory evacuation zone in place. The forecasts is a little concerning. There’s a potential wind event at around midnight. It is very volatile there and there’s a lot of complicating factors that go into a fire operation overnight," he said.

As of early Monday morning, no injuries or homes lost had been reported. 

The East Boulder Community Center remained open overnight Sunday in the event of further evacuations. 

Mike Sandercott, who was part of the mandatory evacuation list, revealed his fears to ABC News affiliate KMGH, saying, "I thought, for sure, we were probably going to lose the house. I grabbed my backpack, grabbed the most essential things that I thought I needed, and some water and just left."

According to KMGH, the wildfire is currently moving south. 

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