Iowa Fire Department Welcomes Six Babies in Seven Months

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A group of Iowa firefighters made the news for something other than a fire, ABC News reports.

Over the last seven months, six volunteer firefighters at the Mediapolis Fire Department welcomed six children. 

According to Captain Troy Garrison, none of it was planned, but they are happy about how it worked out.

Garrison welcomed a daughter named Emma four months ago with his wife Dina. Cody Tisor, Seth Eberhardt, Skyler Schwerin, Adam Welp and Captain Tom Brockett were the other men to welcome children.

Brockett was the last member of the group to announce his wife Megan was pregnant. The two welcomed Neva three weeks ago.

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"We were just really praying that we'd get to be part of that," he said, adding the couple had trouble conceiving. "And then finally we got to come out [and say] 'We're pregnant.' We were the last ones so ... it was fun. We were happy."

The six firefighters got their children together for an adorable photo with local photographer, Debbie Brissey.

The babies wore outfits created by Welp’s wife. She made the babies’ skirts and trousers out of “some old retired gear.”

The new fathers will still be dedicated to their community, but putting on their gear will now be harder for a few.

"I remember the first time I went [to fight a fire] after having my daughter," Garrison recalled. "But you get on the truck and recheck your priorities.

"We still have a job to do," he added. "The public depends on us to do our job the best we can."

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(Photo: Twitter / @ABC)


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