The Unicorn Hair Trend Has a New Mesmerizing Rival: Gemstone Hair

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There's a new hair trend to obsess over this spring and it's inspired by the natural beauty and jewel tones of geodes and gemstones. 

The deep purples, pinks and blues will certainly give the brighter unicorn tones a run for their money. 

Some stylists are even adding a splash of glitter to really capture the dazzling intensity of an amethyst geode. 

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Cherin Choi, one of the L.A. stylists behind the trend revealed her technique for getting the look to Refinery 29

"The hair is completely dried, then the amethyst purple is applied on the mid sections, then the moonstone blue onto the very tips," she shared. "I use a brush and emulsify with my hands to blend the colors. This makes the grow-out process completely painless." 

Might be time to head to the salon!

Found this gem ✨ using @arcticfoxhaircolor @pravana on my fave @ghoulswithglitter 🐇#honeyhousehair

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