This Girl Edited Her Former Friend out of a Picture and the Results Went Viral

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Sometimes friendships and relationships do not last, but that doesn’t mean all the memories have to go away. Particularly, those photos you both took that made “YOU” look good.

One twitter user didn’t want to trash this one specific photo, but didn’t want her ex-friend in it anymore. So with the help from the drawing tool, she managed to completely edit out the other girl.

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The woman, whose name is Serena, captioned the before and after photos on Twitter, “Y’all ever stop [f—— with] someone but like the way YOU looked in the pic… so you gotta…”

The photoshopped snap went viral and received almost 50,000 likes. Other users related to her situation and shared their own stories and photo editing attempts.

[H/T / Twitter / @CaballeroSerena]


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