Starbucks to Debut Baristaless Store

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(Photo: Twitter / @bitcoinpowergir)

Is this the future of coffee? If so, we're not sure how we feel about it. 

According to NY PostStarbucks is opening a baristaless store that will focus on mobile orders and mobile pay only. The store comes as a response to the company's continued efforts to best serve convenience-oriented customers.

The mobile order and pay-only storefront will open in the company's Seattle headquarters next week and will hopefully help ease the bottleneck of customers at cafe drink delivery stations during peak hours due to a tremendous influx of mobile orders. 

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Instead of going to Starbucks' main storefront in Seattle, the mobile orders will be rerouted to the new store which will feature a large window where drinks can be picked up and customers can see their drinks being made. 

What do you think? At least the barista won't be getting your name wrong anymore! 


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