Firefighters Name New Truck After Baby Left at Station 11 Years Ago

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In 2006, Lt. Dan Miller, of Lake County Fire Rescue, in Florida got a call from a woman who told him she would be dropping off a one-day-old baby at the station the next day. When she arrived, she didn't say a word, giving the infant to Miller and leaving.

A decade later, Miller got to see that little girl again. Now 10 years old, Colleen was adopted by a local couple and went back to the fire station on March 31 for a very special moment.

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"Station 112 got a brand new fire truck -- we said, 'Hey, let's name the truck after the baby that was dropped off here," Miller, now EMS battalion chief for the department, told ABC News.

Over the years, Colleen's adopted mom, Lara, had sent photos of the young girl to the firefighters, and the family accompanied Colleen to the station for the recent gathering.

"I was nervous," Miller said. "I didn't know exactly what to say to her, but I had a bouquet of flowers for her. We talked a little bit and then she got to see the fire truck and tour the station."

In 2000, Florida's Safe Haven law went into effect, allowing any parent to leave a child up to seven days old at any hospital, emergency medical services station or with a firefighter at any fire station in the state without penalty so long as there is no evidence of child abuse.

"This woman walked up and handed me a baby carriage and inside was Colleen, sleeping," Miller recalled of the moment he first saw Colleen. "She didn't say anything, didn't make any eye contact. I briefly asked if there's anything I needed to know and she just walked away."

During the ceremony, Colleen did the unveiling of her name on the fire truck and was made an honorary firefighter.

"Even though it's been almost 11 years, to think they thought unanimously that it was how they should name the never know if people are remembering her and they really did," Lara said.

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