Terminally Ill Teen Becomes a Police Officer for the Day

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Cody Roark, a terminally ill teen, had one wish and that was to become a police officer. His dreams came true this week when he was sworn in as an officer for the day.

Roark has Down syndrome, congenital heart disease, chronic kidney disease and heart failure. His mother, Starr Bowers, does not know how long her son has to live. 

Sgt. Joey Morrison of the Granite Falls Police Department in North Carolina assisted Roark with his officer duties on April 5. Roark started his day off by touring his new department before hitting the streets looking for people breaking the law.

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Cody was called to check out a suspicious person, who was played by the Parks and Rec director in the area. Roark discovered the man had a warrant out for his arrest so he cuffed him and brought him to Sgt. Morrison’s police car.

Later, Roark walked the halls of a middle school to make sure the students were safe. 

“[Cody] definitely made a huge difference in the lives of the people he met that day,” the department wrote on the 'Love What Matters' Facebook page. 

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