Amazon's Parent Dashboard Is a New Way to Track What Your Kids Are Doing Online

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Amazon is giving parents a new way to track what their children are doing online, BuzzFeed News reports.

Parents with children who use Amazon's Kindle app FreeTime tablet will now be able to use the Amazon Parent Dashboard to track their children's online activity, and the e-tailer has also rolled out a feature called "Discussion Cards" for parents to engage in conversation with their kids about what they've been viewing on the device.

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The dashboard displays the amount of time a child has spent using the tablet and separates the information into four categories: books, videos, apps and the web. Parents can see what their children have been reading or playing from each category, and access "discussion cards" for each show viewed, book read or app used. The cards offer information about the selected option and give parents open-ended questions they can use to connect with their child.

Kurt Beidler, Director of Kids Family at Amazon, said in a statement that cards were created for parents to "avoid the dreaded one-word response."

He added, "Ideally, parents will have read the book, but they may not have had time to go through it and develop in-depth questions like we have, or they may have read the book a long time ago."

Parents can already limit how much time their children spend on the tablet or on any one specific type of media, and parent suggestions led to the creation of the dashboard, which is free to use starting Wednesday, April 11 and can be accessed online at


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