Watch: Take a Peek Inside Hayden Panettiere's Southern Charm-Filled Nashville Home

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Hayden Panettiere made Nashville her home after landing a starring role on the show Nashville, and the actress recently opened up her house to PEOPLE for a quick tour.

Panettiere shares her "humble abode" with Ukranian pro-boxer Wladimir Klitschko and their daughter Kaya, 2, with the actress dishing that her favorite part of the home is her two aquariums.

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“It’s my passion! You will never see anybody geek out as much as me about fish,” Panettiere revealed. “The fish tanks are my happy place.”

“I could literally sit on a stool in front of my fish tank and just stare at it and watch,” she added. “It makes me feel peace. It makes me feel calm, and I can feel my blood pressure going down. I know some people might think it’s crazy but they actually interact with you. It’s kind of like being a mom — in a different way!”

The star's home also features a music "jam room," a beautiful nursery for Kaya and an enviable closet stuffed with clothes Panettiere bought her daughter as well as items the actress wore when she was a child.

"I will always remember this house because it's where I first raised my daughter," the actress shared. "And that's a really cool feeling."

Take a peek inside the star's home above!

[H/T Domino Magazine / Brittany Ambridge, Twitter / @haydenpanettier]


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