Clear Coffee Is a Thing Now and We Have Questions

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There's a new coffee drink on the market, and it's definitely nothing you've ever seen before.

CLR CFF is the world's first clear coffee drink, and while it looks like a fancy bottle of water, it's actually coffee, and comes in an easy, on-the-go option.

David Nagy and his brother Adam created the stuff after they were tired of their beloved coffee staining their teeth.

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"We are heavy coffee drinkers," David told The Evening Standard. "Like many other people we struggled with the teeth stains caused by it. There was nothing on the market that would suit our needs so we decided to create our own recipe."

He added, "Because of the hectic lifestyle we lead we wanted to make a refreshing ready-to-drink coffee which provides the boost but is low in calories."

CLR CFF is made from freshly roasted Arabica beans, although the brothers are keeping their production secrets close to the chest. The formula is free from preservatives, stabilizers or sweeteners, and it took three months to perfect.

Would you try it?

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