This Beauty Hack Will Save You Tons of Money

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You may want to think twice before throwing out your "empty" beauty products.

One Reddit user has shared a brilliant "hack" that could save you plenty of dollars on beauty products for the rest of your life.

The redditor, Callievee, was unable to squeeze any more eye cream out of the tube and decided to cut it open, revealing plenty of cream inside that she wouldn't have been able to access otherwise.

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"And this, ladies, is why you cut open your makeup/skin care when it's not letting you squeeze any more out," she wrote. "Look how much of my okay eye cream is left!!!"

Other users quickly lauded this technique and offered their own tips on getting the most of your items, including alternatives to cutting the packages open.

"Basically, you squeeze it on the sides to cause an air bubble in the tube and then grasp the end and shake, shake, shake," GoFeedTheCat wrote. "The next time you use it, it comes out like it is brad new. It totally works!!!"

Would you try this hack?

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