Sandra Bullock Donates $5,000 to Struggling 89-Year-Old Man

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Sandra Bullock is helping out.

A long-time pool manager of the Beverly Hills Hotel, Svend Petersen, is going through a hard time. And Sandra Bullock is here to help.

In an interview with CBS-2, Petersen explained the tough situation, Entertainment Tonight reports.

"Sometimes I go three or four days without food," Petersen said. "As long as I have something to drink, I'm happy."

A friend of Petersen's started a GoFundMe campaign to help him get back on his feet. The original goal was to raise $5,900 — enough money to help him find an apartment in LA and some groceries. The campaign raised over $33,000 in just 11 days.

After hearing his story, Bullock donated $5,000 to the campaign. On his GoFundMe page, she wrote, "' Everything is going to be ok!' Louis Bullock (my son)." The actress is one of over 400 people who have donated thus far.

According to an updated post on the GoFundMe page, Petersen now has an appointment to get new glasses and appreciates that people care about him.

[H/T Twitter / @usweekly]


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