Watch: Goose Repeatedly Attacks Police Officer and We Can't Stop Watching

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A law enforcement officer’s awkward confrontation with a Canada Goose is adding new meaning to the term “wild goose chase.”

Last week, a vigilante goose attacked a police officer in Clarksville, Indiana as he was walking into work. The goose, who has not been apprehended since the incident, was lurking in the shadows of a nearby tree when he attacked unsuspecting detective, Ray Hall.

The video released by the department and Lt. Shane Bassett to music that would make Benny Hill proud, shows the officer strolling back to his office on Thursday when his feathers were a bit ruffled by the Canadian goose.

The terrifying account found the goose flapping its wings while in flight, directing its aim at the head of Hall.

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Hall was startled and backed away with his hands up in the air, as the goose appeared to calm down, but as the officer approached the sidewalk for a second time to get into the department, that was when the horror continued.

With messenger bag in hand as a shield, Hall was the subject of another attack from the relentless goose. After a swing and a miss, both the police officer and the goose ended up on the ground.

As Hall got up, the goose tried to attack again, prompting the officer to run through the surrounding bushes in order to make a successful escape.

Fortunately, there were no injuries to both the officer and bird — unless you consider the viral count on the video that friends, family and co-workers will never let Detective Hall live down.

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