Dad Stands in Solidarity With His Daughter After She Has an Accident at School

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One awesome dad is doing his part to help his daughter not to feel embarrassed after she had an accident at school.

In a post on the Facebook page Love What Matters, Lucinda Sowards shared a sweet gesture that her dad made after her younger sister had an accident one day.

"My little sister had an accident today at kindergarten and this is how my dad left to pick her up so she wouldn't feel so sad/embarrassed," she wrote.

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In the photos, the dad can be seen rocking a wet spot on his pants that makes it look like he also had an "accident," holding his daughter's backpack as she wears a jacket around her waist.

Sowards shared that the gesture was nothing unusual for her dad, who is always supportive of his daughters.

"I have memories of my dad working all night building a play set when I was little and waking me up in the morning to take me out and push me on the swings," she wrote. "Both of my parents are incredibly selfless, especially when it comes to the happiness of their family."

People are clearly loving the dad's thoughtful move, with the post's comments section flooded with message of support.

"What a lucky little girl to have him as daddy," one person wrote. 

"God bless those who so selflessly seek the happiness of their little ones," added another. "This what "running the extra mile" is all about."

[H/T / Facebook / Love What Matters]


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