Police Chief Issued a Speeding Ticket and You Won't Believe for Who

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A police chief in Sperry, Oklahoma issued himself a citation for speeding, after being caught on video.

Sperry Police Chief Justin Burch posted an apology on the department’s Facebook page Saturday, saying he was “wrong in traveling at 75 and 80 mph” and acknowledged that he was “breaking the law by speeding.”

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The police chief wrote, “I did have a reason for being in a hurry, but my speeds were not reasonable. I am holding myself accountable just as anyone else would have to be.”

In an effort to set an example for the community, Burch said he wrote himself the ticket for $300 and will pay it “just like every other citizen” in full.

He goes on to say, he regrets his actions and sincerely apologizes. Had it not been for the video, Burch admits he’s not sure if he would have issued the ticket.

A majority of users on the social network applauded the police chief, calling him a "real honest and accountable public servant," and asked that more officers follow his lead of being an upright citizen and leader.


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