Barbed Wire Eyebrows Might Be the Strangest Instagram Beauty Trend Yet

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Barbed wire brow

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We've seen eyebrows of all shapes and sizes on Instagram at this point, and just when we thought there couldn't be another, barbed wire eyebrows showed up. 

According to POPSUGAR, the trend was brought about by makeup artist Athena Paginton who styled a model's brows in spikes up and down. The bright side? There are definitely mornings when we wake up with our brows pretty much already there. The not-so-bright side? Instagrammable eyebrows are getting a little out of control. 

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Interestingly, the barbed wire eyebrows came onto the scene before the feather eyebrows that have pretty much caused the internet to implode as of late, the barbed wire ones are catching up fast, about to really leave their mark on the beauty world. 

So, do you think you'd give these messy brows a try? 


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