Watch: National Guardsman Meets His Daughter for the First Time After Returning From Deployment

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An Ohio National Guardsman met his infant daughter for the first time after returning from deployment, and the heartwarming moment was caught on video.

Sgt. Scott Cartwright left to serve in the 121st Refueling Wing in Kuwait almost three months before his wife, Elizabeth, gave birth to the couple's daughter, Jacqueline Eloise, in December, ABC News reports.

Cartwright met baby Jacqueline for the first time at John Glenn International Airport in Columbus, Ohio on Monday with Elizabeth and the couple's older daughter Nora, and it's safe to say the moment was an emotional one.

“I don’t even have good words for it,” Cartwright said. “I love Nora, my first one, more than anything. Honestly, when I was over there, in my head I was like, ‘How could I possibly love somebody else as much as I love Nora?’ I was worried about this. I was talking to my team about this. But when I got to hold [Jacqueline] for the first time — and her and her mother have the exact same eyes — I was like, ‘Oh, my gosh. I see now.’”

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“I have never been overwhelmed at any point in my life until I got back and saw Elizabeth holding Jacs,” he continued. “I had tunnel vision, and I couldn’t see."

Although Cartwright wasn't able to be physically present for his little girl's birth, Elizabeth shared that he was able to video in while she was in the hospital.

“We had clearance to have him on Skype at the hospital,” she explained. “He called my tablet while we were there, and my mom was in the delivery room holding up the tablet.”

Now that the family is reunited, they plan on spending as much time together as possible.

“We’ll have some vacation time and just enjoy each other,” Elizabeth shared. “We have nothing big planned, because where can you go with a newborn?”

“I’m just spending as much time with them as I can,” added Cartwright. “I’ve got eight or nine months’ worth of a honey-do list.”

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