Watch: Nikki Bella Expresses Concerns Over Brie Bella's Pre-Pregnancy Diet

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Brie Bella’s fertility troubles have been well-documented on this season of Total Divas.  

On the latest episode, she expressed the stress she has been feeling towards her failure to conceive. Her sister, Nikki Bella, has been supportive during the process, but also thinks Brie is psyching herself out too much. 

The twins visited an acupuncturist and Brie discussed her struggle to get pregnant. "I feel really lost right now," she said.

At the appointment, Nikki told Brie that she should reconsider her vegetarian diet and start eating meat. The acupuncturist added that vegetarian diets can lead to iron deficiencies, which could affect her fertility. She suggested Brie add more spinach to her diet because it can make up for the lack of iron.

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Later that day, Nikki ordered dinner for herself and Brie. She got a delicious steak, while she ordered Brie 10 spinach salads. Nikki wanted to show her sister that she would need to eat a large amount of spinach to equal one piece of meat.

"I don't think kids are it for me in this lifetime," Brie responded. "I would never eat meat, and if my body needed that to conceive, it wouldn't happen. There's no way that I would sacrifice my beliefs on animals to be a mom." 

Brie decided to call a friend who had been a vegetarian until she tried having a baby. Once her friend started eating meat, she got pregnant and now continues to eat meat. "It's disheartening," Brie said after she learned her friend gave up her vegetarian lifestyle for a child. "It's hard."

Brie has been open about her and her husband, Brian's, love for vegan and vegetarianism. In an interview with Crave, Brie explained how she balances her food cravings with the vegetarian way of life, "I make sure to consume plenty of vegetables every day. Vegetables keep you very full and I’m also a vegetarian but yeah, they keep you extremely full so you’re not hungry and you always feel satisfied. I stay away from sweets. I’ll treat myself here and there but I’ll stay away from fried foods but I love french fries. I’ll treat myself once a week to some french fries."

Spoiler alert for those that have not caught up on Brie's latest adventure, but she did in-fact end up getting pregnant and is due any week now! She recently posted a glowing photo of her and Brian with the caption, "38 weeks now!" The proud mama-to-be has documented her pregnancy journey and we cannot get enough of it. Are you excited to meet the latest Bella beauty?

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