Woman Finds Her Dad's Bucket List Years After His Death and Vows to Complete it

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(Photo: Inside Edition)

Losing a parent is never easy, but finding something unexpected amongst their belongings can totally change your world, which is exactly what happened to 39-year-old Laura Carney. 

As she was going through some of her father's belongings, years after his death, she found three pages ripped from a spiral notebook scrawled on in her father's barely legible handwriting, according to Inside Edition

On those pages are 60 items making up her father's bucket list. Carney's dad had been gone for 13 years, and who could have predicted that she would stumble upon something like this.

"Things I would like to do in my lifetime!" he had written in 1978, the year Laura was born. Her father was 29.

Now that she's found it, she and her brother are on a mission to check off the items in honor of his life. 

Her dad passed away at 54 after being hit at an intersection when a 17-year-old on her cell phone ran a red light. 

At the time of his passing, her father had only checked off five of the items including attending a World Series game and helping his parents when they retired. 

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Though, Carney said he should have checked off one more - number 12: “Give my children the most love, the best education and best example I can give.”

“There must have been some spiritual, serendipitous thing that happened that made it show up when it did,” she said. 

Some of the items on the list are a little crazy - "Correspond with the pope" and "Talk with the President" being two of them, but some of them are heart-melting like his wish to "Make my wife feel happy...pretty and young all her life." 

The siblings have already checked a few off the list from their personal accomplishments - things like "record five songs" which Carney's brother had done as part of an a capella group in college, and "run 10 straight miles" which Carney had done by running the New York Marathon in her personal quest to raise awareness against distracted driving - the cause of her father's death. 

Carney also recently checked off "Get my picture in a national magazine" when she wrote about her father's bucket list for Good Housekeeping, where she is a staff member.

“I feel more alive than I’ve ever felt,” she said. “I feel like this is what I was meant to do.”


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