Couple Leaves Generous Donation for Their Former High School and Nature Retreat

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A couple donated more than $750,000 to their former high school and a nature preserve, the South Bend Tribune reports.

Jack and Helen Benjamin both graduated from Mishawaka High School in Indiana. Jack died in August 2015 at the age of 82 followed by Helen’s passing at 82 in June 2016. 

Jack served in the U.S. Air Force for almost 30 years and their life consisted of constant travel for his military career. 

The couple never had children because of their frequent moves, but according to their nephew, Fred Kelver, they always wanted to leave a legacy for young people.

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“They always had a love for children,” Kelver said, “and they always wanted their remaining net worth to go to children’s projects.”

The School City of Mishawaka and The Res nature preserve will split the total donation. The school district plans of spending their share of $380,000 for annual scholarships for the high school students. The other half will cover the annual operating expenses for The Res, along with other maintenance projects.

School City of Mishawaka Superintendent Dean Speicher said the Benjamins’ donation is an “exceedingly generous gift to Mishawaka students.”


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