Watch: Volunteer Firefighter Saves a 4-Year-Old Girl After She Flew out Back of Bus

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Warning: Some may find the content in the following video disturbing:

An Arkansas volunteer firefighter came to the rescue of a 4-year-old girl after she fell out of the back of a moving bus.

Ryan Ciampoli was driving on Highway 65 in Harrison when he witnessed the back door of the bus open and a young girl fall out. She hit the pavement while the bus continued to drive away.

Ciampli, a licensed EMT, caught the incident on his dashboard camera. He immediately got out of his car to remove the girl from the middle of the road. He says she appeared to be unconscious at first but began to wake up when he started approaching her.

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"The shock kicked in her little body and she started kicking and screaming," Ciampoli told KHBS-TV. "Stuff like that is really heartbreaking."

Paramedics were on the scene within five minutes and transported her to a local hospital. She suffered a broke jaw and needed surgery, but is expected to make a full recovery.

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