Topshop Is Selling See-Through Plastic Jeans and We Have Questions

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(Photo: Topshop)

In today's installment of questionable fashion choices, Topshop is selling see-through plastic jeans and we're a little confused.

Hot on the heels of their "Clear Knee Mom Jeans," the retailer has launched "Clear Plastic Straight Leg Jeans," which are exactly what they sound like. Basically a poncho for your legs, the pants are simply a pair of jeans-shaped bottoms made out of clear polyurethane, and they can be yours for a mere $100.

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The jeans' description states that they're "guaranteed to get people talking," which is definitely an understatement. They're also likely guaranteed to get you sweating, because rubbing up against vinyl for a prolonged period of time can't be comfortable for many people.

Topshop even offers a few suggestions on how to style the unconventional pants, noting that they are ideal for a festival or costume party and can be worn over bikinis or under a dress.

The retailer is also offering a pink vinyl pair of pants, in case you didn't want your sweat to show quite as much. Frankly, this person's tweet says it all.

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