97-Year-Old Man Fulfills His Longtime Wish of Becoming a Firefighter for His Birthday

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(Photo: ABC News)

For Bill Grun of Doylestown, Pennsylvania, his 97th birthday may just be his best one yet. 

According to ABC News, Grun finally got to check a lifelong wish off his list - becoming a firefighter. He rode a Doylestown Fire Company fire engine and got to sound the alarm. 

“I was sitting in the parlor and they said, ‘Look out the window,’” he said. “And I said, ‘Oh my golly, are we having a fire drill?’ Then they said, ‘We’re going to take you for a ride.’ I had a great time.”

The occasion was especially exciting because he was riding on the largest fire truck Doylestown has to offer. 

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“The first step is two feet up and I thought, ‘How am I going to get up into that?,’” he said. “I grabbed hold of the handrail and with a little assistance of the fireman I was able to get into the truck.”

“I put my foot down and the siren went off right away,” he added with a laugh.

Though Grun wanted to be a firefighter since his boy scout days, he instead chose the path of teaching, and still volunteers at the middle school on Fridays, also known as his "favorite day of the week." 

“I had a 37-year honeymoon teaching school,” said Grun. “That’s why I still teach. I’m very fond of young people. I’m very invigorated by being around young people. Young people today are no different than they were when I started teaching in 1947. The only ingredient that’s been added is drugs. In those days we were worried about chewing gum.”

As for Grun's secret to success, 97 years later? 

“Attitude,” said the birthday boy. “You make up your mind that life is going to be good, and it is. As Orphan Annie always said, ‘The sun will come out tomorrow.’”

We have to say, we love the spirit Grun has and we hope 97 is his best year yet. 


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