Watch: Kim Kardashian Panics During One of Her First Public Outings Since Paris Attack

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On Sunday's Keeping up With The Kardashians, Kim Kardashian faces a serious bout of panic during a public outing. 

In Dubai, where Kardashian was slated to make her first public appearance since the traumatizing Paris attack, she went shopping before the outing and that's where things started to get dicey. 

Kardashian hadn't been shopping months, E! News reports, and wanted to check out the shops in Dubai. But when a crowd started to form around the store, panic set in for the reality TV star. 

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"Are you not nervous about that crowd?" Kim's friend and hairstylist Jen Atkin asks her. 

"Yeah," Kim says, before explaining, "This is just kind of what I was kind of afraid of, is just this feeling of panic."

She continued, saying, "With so many people gathering and then they start social media like, 'Kim's at the mall, she's here.' And then other people will know exactly where I'm at. It gives me such anxiety."

Kardashian recently announced her collaboration with sister Kylie Jenner's makeup brand Kylie Cosmetics, showcasing their sibling likeness in promotional shots for the lipstick line. 

KKW X KYLIE Kiki: Pinky Nude Kim: Peachy Nude Kimmie: Deep Nude Kimberly: True Nude

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To see the outcome of the moment that made Kardashian say, "I just get scared," tune into E! Sunday at 9 p.m.


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