Starbucks Is Opening the Luxury Megastore That Well-Caffeinated Dreams Are Made Of

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(Photo: Starbucks)

Have you ever dreamed of a Starbucks theme park? Well, that dream is basically coming true. 

The coffee giant has announced that it will open a four-level Reserve® Roastery that is a fully immersive coffee experience. 

According to a press release, the megastore will be a "fully sensorial coffee environment dedicated to roasting, brewing and packaging its rare, small-batch Starbucks Reserve coffees from around the world" that has been "designed to bring coffee craft to life by offering multiple brewing methods, specialty Reserve beverages and mixology."

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It is set to open on Chicago's Magnificent Mile. For those having a hard time conceptualizing what this caffeine-infused fun house might be, one has to look no further than the chain's flagship location in Seattle. 

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Expect exotic coffee flights, larger than life collections of beans, shining roasting equipment, and baked goods. 

The Chicago store will open in 2019, but there's no need to wait that long to experience everything the roaster has to offer. A similar store is arriving in New York in 2018. 

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