LuLaRoe Pays the Price for Their Defective Clothing, Launches Massive Refund Program

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LuLaRoe is doing damage control after their customers issued complaints stating their leggings “rip like wet toilet paper.” 

On Tuesday, the company announced they would refund customers for their defective clothing, Huffington Post reports.

There is a Facebook group called LuLaRoe Defective/Ripped/Torn Leggings and Clothes that has over 26,000 members and is used to post negative experiences with the brand.

Lularoe recently launched the “Make Good” program in response to the issue surrounding their printed, colorful leggings, which retail for about $25 per pair. The company will provide customers with either a gift card, replacement product or cash for purchases made between Jan. 1, 2016 and April 24, 2017.

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The company continues to “stand behind the quality and craftsmanship” of its products and wants to reassure its customers they can trust the brand. 

Mark Stidham, the CEO of LuLaRoe, told Business Insider that the brand doesn’t have much to apologize for and the complaints are from a small portion of the company’s sales.

Anna O’Brien, a plus-size fashion blogger, spoke out about the brand in a 20-minute video title, “Lula Roe is a Waste of Money.”

“In most businesses, the customer comes first,” she said. “However with LulaRoe, the product has been approached as the holy grail and if any one had issues with it ― valid or not ― they must have the problem. Consultants have been coached to spin issues and poor quality as benefits. It’s been interesting to see, after being on of the first consumers to call out the brand for their bad business practices, all of these other issues come to light.”


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