These Luxurious Color-Changing 'Unicorn Skin' Boots Are a Must Have for Your Wardrobe

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I'm calling this "Unicorn skin." Fancy new sequined boots @louboutinworld of course. #unicornskin #ChristianLouboutin #fw17 #sequinedboots

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Who would have thought 2017 was the year of the unicorn, right? The mythical creature has touched just about every aspect of our lives and is now galloping right into our wardrobes.

The latest rainbow-colored design to capture social media’s affection is a pair of glittery boots from Christian Louboutin.

Yes, you know, world renowned Christian Louboutin — everyone wants in on the trend. Can you blame them?

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Star stylist, Samantha McMillen took to Instagram to share a video of her magically changing the sequined shoe’s colors simply with the brush of her hand. Pretty magical, right?

Dubbed “unicorn skin,” the material looks metallic at first, but then turns to shades of green, red, pink and gold. Thanks to the Boomerang feature, it’s also kind of hypnotic to watch over and over and — well, you get the idea.

While Louboutin has not released further information about the style name, price or availability, you can bet we will be looking out for these boots that are sure to charm your wardrobe.


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