7th Grader Writes Powerful Letter in Response to Intolerant Adult

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The world is full of intolerant people, but it's also full of those trying to spread a little light.

One of those people is a seventh grader named Luke, who wrote a powerful letter in response to a hateful article he saw in a local paper, Twitter user Matthew Segal shared.

The original article was an op-ed letter covering the “Hate Has No Home Here” signs a family put up on their front lawn, with critic John Natale slamming the sign's owners for "snowflake sensitivity."

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In response, Luke noted that Natale had actually misunderstood the signs, which did not read "Hate has no place in this home" but rather "Hate has no home here," with "here" referring to the United States.

"They also aren't implying you are a hater if you disagree; where did you get that idea?" Luke continued before delivering an epic burn.

“Also, Mr. Natale, if you’re going to ask us to do you a favor and take the signs down, do humanity a favor and take your Trump signs down,” he wrote.

We think this middle school student has a bright future ahead of him.


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