Watch: Dying Mom Gets to See Her Valedictorian Daughter Graduate Thanks to Special Ceremony

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Carol Grant, 55, was diagnosed with stage four pancreatic cancer and transferred to hospice care just a few weeks ago, but the terminally ill mother got one of her biggest wishes - seeing her daughter graduate high school. 

“She is ready to go anytime,” Grant’s husband, Terry, told

Despite the fact that her daughter, Kelsey, isn't set to graduate until May 20, the school superintendent, in conjunction with Prairie Community Hospital, threw a mock graduation at the hospital for Grant to attend. 

Kelsey isn't just any graduating high school senior, she's also valedictorian of her class. 

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“They did an actual graduation," Terry said. "They had guest speakers. They went through the speeches and everything. They did it in the dining hall of the hospital just like it would be at the regular graduation.”

Local businesses pulled together and donated flowers, a cake, and a graduation banner. 

The moment was especially emotional because the first thing Grant said when she found out her diagnosis was, “I won’t be able to see my daughter graduate.”

“Kelsey held together pretty well. When she was giving her mom a hug with the rose it was very emotional. She gave a speech, but she started crying,” Michelle Wolff, who helped coordinate the event, said.

Despite the advanced nature of Grant's disease, the moment was still special, if difficult, for the family. 

“A lot of people were extremely emotional. My wife wasn’t all there because she’s on a lot of medication, but she clapped,” Terry said.


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