Used Crocs Are Selling Like Hotcakes Online and We Don't Know How to Deal

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Bet you didn't see this one coming!

According to resale website, threadUP, used Crocs are one of the hottest-selling items of the season, selling even faster than popular brands like FreePeople and Anthropologie, Cosmopolitan reports.

The site's data insists that the shoes fly off the virtual shelves 58 percent faster than any other product listed. Not only that, nearly 97 percent of the footwear is purchased within three months of being posted. 

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Considering that Crocs made their runway debut in September of last year, it makes sense that they'd be popular in retail again.

However, the demand for the items is puzzling, particularly for threadUP's head of marketing communications, Karen Clark.

"We were surprised to see Crocs so high on [the] list," Clark told Yahoo Style. "For brands with that high a sell-through rate, it's almost impossible to find them on the site."

So if you've got an old pair of Crocs collecting dust in the back of your closet, brush them off and post 'em online for some quick cash!

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