Consumer Alert: Fiat Chrysler to Recall One Million Ram Trucks to Fix Deadly Error

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Fiat Chrysler just announced a recall of more than 1.25 million trucks worldwide to fix a deadly airbag software error, NY Daily News reports.

As a result of the error, one death and two injuries were reported in two accidents. The error temporarily disables the rollover side curtain air bag and seat belt pretensioner during a rollover caused by underbody impact, which a car may experience after hitting debris or off-roading.

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The recall was announced Tuesday by the National Highway Safety Administration and affects 1 million Ram 1500 and 2500 pickup trucks from the 2013-16 model years, in addition to the 2014-16 Ram 3500 pickups in the United States.

Vehicles in Canada, Mexico and outside the region have also been recalled. Customers driving the vehicle will be notified when they can schedule the fix at their local dealership. They may call FCA's Customer Service line at 800-85301403 for more information.

Drivers can also visit the recall website and enter the car's VIN to check if their vehicle has been recalled.

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