Coffee in a Cone Is the Next Biggest Food Craze

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This might be the best new way to drink coffee! 

Balzac’s Coffee Roasters in Toronto debuted the coffee drink in a purpose-built waffle cone, which was the created by the 30-year-old South African entrepreneur Dayne Levinrad.

The coffee in a cone is called “the most Instagrammable coffee in the world.”

“I wanted . . . to play on nostalgia and childhood,” Levinrad said. “It becomes quite a decadent experience because the (melting) chocolate mixes into the drink.”

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The beverage must be slurped up within 10 minutes or else the structure may start to collapse. They also advise people to hold the drink at a 45-degree angle otherwise it will pour out on the floor.

Any creamy hot drink will work in the cone such as a latte, cappuccino, matcha or hot chocolate.

This drink will be all over social media soon because Levinrad plans to expand it to more cities.

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