How Connie Britton Is Giving Back on Mother's Day

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Connie Britton is an inspiration to all of us.

The Nashville alum has partnered with Care2 and the nonprofit United Nations Development Programme to raise awareness for women and children suffering from famine and drought in areas of Africa and the Middle East. 

"In this day and age nobody should ever starve to death," Britton, 50, tells Us Weekly. "I'm just hugely passionate about reaching out and making sure that people aren't going hungry, because it's not right."

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The actress explains how simple it is to get involved.  

"Just start with signing this petition. What we really want to do is create worldwide outcry to the leaders around the world to let them know that we citizens really support getting help to these people who are in such dire need," Britton says. 

"And then beyond that, I love to encourage people to look at Care2 and also UNDP and really find out more about the work that they're doing on the ground trying to help these people. What you realize is — all of this — these are all people who are incredibly vulnerable because they are living in conflict regions… When crops are destroyed and livestock die, there is no backup because they have no access."

Britton has been a goodwill ambassador since 2014 and travels to Africa, where she adopted her 6-year-old son Eyob in 2011, several times a year.

The star works to fight against starvation because she believes it is something that is preventable and wants to do whatever she “can to alleviate that.”

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