Jolly Ranchers Pop-Tarts Exist and It's Possible Science Has Gone Too Far This Time

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(Photo: Kellogg's )

Pop-Tart lovers presumably love a sweet treat in the mornings or afternoon or whatever time they grab one of the toaster pastries, but Kellogg's latest flavor releases have us wondering if, as a society, we've taken food mash-ups too far. The company announced on Monday that it is launching Jolly Rancher flavored pastries. 

Seriously. The favorite flavors, including watermelon, green apple, and cherry, are joining forces with the frosted breakfast food. 

As the brand told Delish"Pop-Tarts is bringing you a sweet and sour experience unlike any other with a flavor mash-up for the ages."

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Frosted Cherry will ooze the signature red flavor of the pucker-inducing candy, while Frosted Green Apple has sweet-and-sour apple flavoring, and Frosted Watermelon brings the summer flavor to life.

Will you be running to the store this summer to stock up before the limited release items disappear or are you thinking these are a hard pass? 


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