Watch: Police Officer Donates Kidney to 8-Year-Old She Just Met

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This 8-year-old is getting the best happy ending.

After years of searching for a kidney donor, Jackson Arneson found his match — a police officer in Wisconsin who hadn't even met the boy before getting tested.

Officer Lindsey Bittorf found a Facebook post by Jackson's mother, Kristi Goll, desperate for potential donors, ABC reports. None of Jackson's family or friends met the requirements and lab tests showed the young boy would need a new kidney very soon.

Bittorf, touched by the story, decided to get tested.

"I'm pretty set in my ways, so if I set my mind to something, there's really not talking me out of doing this. I was doing it," the police officer told ABC News affiliate WISN.

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Bittorf passed the initial health exam and discovered she shared the same blood type as Jackson and they matched three antigens, making her an eligible kidney donor for Jackson.

The officer surprised Jackson and his family at their home with the good news.

"I took an oath to serve and protect our community, and now my kidney's going to serve and protect you," Bittorf told Jackson.

"Jackson forever has his hero," Goll wrote on Facebook. "Lindsey, I already feel so connected to you...and I've known you for a day. We cannot thank you enough for continuing Jackson's journey with us."

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