Joanna Gaines Reveals Chronic Injury That Changed Her Perspective on Life

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Joanna Gaines makes things look easy when it comes to balancing her ever-expanding lifestyle and design empire, her family, and her place in the spotlight, but the Fixer Upper star revealed there's one particular method that helps all that madness work. 

“I used to want to do everything, be everything,” Gaines, 39, admits in the latest issue of The Magnolia Journal. “This may make me sound like a textbook control freak and I probably was.”

When she suffered a back injury as a high school cheerleader she realized she had to learn to ask for help and let some things go. 

“There was something more sinister hiding in my best-laid plans,” she shared. “I realize now that I found my self-worth neatly packaged together with all that I did.”

She had to step back and observe. 

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“I started to witness others solving problems in ways I would never have thought of,” she continued. “I saw them come alive as they were given the space and encouragement to really go after it without me standing over their shoulder waiting for them to make a misstep.”

That has shaped how her and husband, Chip's, business has grown. 

“I love creating beauty. That’s my lane,” she said, adding, “I am no longer going to fall into the trap of believing that I need to be the best at everything.”


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