Watch: Eyebrow Wigs Are a Thing, Proving 2017 Has Lost It

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Wigs are very much in and have been for awhile now. Look no further than reality star Kylie Jenner's vast collection.

Still, we definitely didn't see this coming. The accessory is going to a place it's never traveled to before — your face.

According to Teen Vogue, eyebrow wigs now exist and they could be the biggest thing since false lashes.

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If you hate spending time on your brows, this might be the next best option. The "wig" hairs are attached to a netting, forming the brows, so all you have to do is stick them to your face with eyebrow glue. After applying the lash glue, you place them over your real brows.

It might seem silly, but the news outlet makes a good point that it could be a simple and temporary choice for those who have lost their hair from chemotherapy treatments and don't wish to draw their brows on every day.

The faux brows are being sold online for up to $50 a pair.

Would you try them?

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