Avocado Lattes Are Now a Real Thing and the Internet Is Sounding off on Them

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Combing two of Melbourne's obsessions - lattes and avo 😂

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An innovative café has created another way to drink your coffee.

The Truman Café in Melbourne, Australia just poured a latte inside of a hollowed-out avocado and calls it the "avolatte." The café has not confirmed if this is a serious item on their menu or simply a joke, but we sort of hope for the latter.

After the video of their “avolatte” went viral, the internet had a pretty strong reaction. 

One Twitter user responded to this new version of a latte and said, “This is why millennials can’t buy houses.”

Fair enough. 

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Another user felt like the café completely destroyed the beauty of the avocado, writing, “Seriously, leave avocados alone. They are perfect. I hate 2017." 

One user added a gif to express their emotions about 2017 so far. Avocado lattes...really? 

This new drink comes a week after the coffee in a cone went viral. Which way would you prefer to drink your coffee?

Photo Credit: Twitter / @BuzzFeed


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