Boozy Doughnuts Exist and They Will Definitely Get You Buzzed

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There’s nothing like a good food trend to really pick you up — especially if it includes booze.

New York-based doughnut shop, The Doughnut Project wants us to live our best, gosh darn lives and we can’t thank them enough after launching their one-of-a-kind menu of cocktail-inspired treats.

As a part of their “Cocktail Series” that will run for five-weeks, the limited-edition boozy doughnuts are available every Friday through Sunday and you guessed it — are made with real, genuine alcohol. And while they look like cocktails, they taste like it too!

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Prices for each doughnut will range from $5.00 to $5.75

“In each doughnut there’s enough booze for you to taste it but not have it be overwhelming," co-owner Leslie Polizzotto told Thrillist.

This weekend, customers can indulge in the Nor'easter Cocktail, made of Old Crow bourbon, maple, ginger beer and lime.

Photo Credit: Instagram / @thedoughnutproject


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