Police Call 5-Year-Old Hero After He Gets Help for Parents Who Overdosed

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(Photo: Twitter / @wsvn)

Ohio police are saying one 5-year-old saved his parents' lives by calling for help after they overdosed. 

According to Inside Edition, Aidan walked five blocks Thursday to alert his grandparents' that his parents were "dead." 

“He walked in the door, and mom and dad weren’t coming behind him,” Kenny Currey, Aidan's grandpa, told Fox8. “All of a sudden, he starts saying, ‘Mom and Dad’s dead, Mom and Dad’s dead!'”

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Police arrived to find both parents had overdosed on heroin. Aidan, as well as a 3-month-old, were left unattended in the house at the time of the overdose. Police managed to revive both parents. 

“This 5 year old child, a hero, saved 3 lives today,” police wrote on their Facebook page. “How can something so awesome be so sad all at the same time?”

Aidan was given a badge for his bravery and both parents were charged with child endangerment. 

“We are sick and tired of some people not caring about their kids enough to allow this to happen,” police added.

We're so thankful Aidan and his sibling are ok. 


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