This Dress Made of Denim Pants Has Us Scratching Our Heads

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(Photo: Shopbop)

Another day, another article of clothing that's left us totally confused. Between the pants with the "knee windows" and clear plastic jeans, we were sure the denim trend couldn't get more bizarre.

Naturally, we were proven so very wrong.

A new design has hit the racks that makes just as little sense as its predecessors, Cosmopolitan reports. Enter the "2 Jeans Dress" from Shopbop. The garment is just like it sounds — two pairs of denim pants that have been sewn together in dress form.

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You can even see the pants' silhouettes — buttons, belt loops, pockets and all — in the dress, one in a medium wash and one in a dark wash.

The dress is selling for an incredible $445, which is pretty crazy on several levels. We're not sure who would drop that kind of cash for a dress so, um, unique.

Hit us with your opinion on the outfit!

Photo Credit: Shopbop


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